Simple process. Sweet websites.

Our process (and our team) is our magical ingredient. Simple, clear, and unlike your actual nephew, reliable. Just so you know what you’re in for, take a sneak peek at your project week.


DAY 0:


We’ll work with you to prepare for your new website using our Project Prep Pak—a step-by-step outline of everything you’ll need to prep before the project starts. You'll also be able to pre-schedule our meetings during your project week so you know when you'll be needed.

DAY 1:


Your Nephew team will pour a cup of coffee and kick off the week pouring over your project survey and all of your provided materials. If anything is missing or not working, we will be in touch with you. The plan for your new website begins.

DAY 2 – 3:


We’ll get busy building your site and check in with updates and questions at the end of each day so you know the status of everything. If there are any outstanding items needed, you’ll be responsible for getting those together during these days.
*For Premium; On Day 2 we’ll hop on a video call to go through a homepage design mock-up to review and make design live design edits

DAY 4:


We'll hop on a video call and go through your website together. We’ll make most of the edits and tweaks on our call, but you'll have a few hours to look it over after and send back quick edits. If you opted for the 1-on-1 Training, we'll also go through the training session on this call.

DAY 5:

Go Time

We'll review any final edits, go through our 35-point settings and tech review to make sure everything is perfect, and then launch your new website. Bob’s your uncle (and we’re your new Nephew), your site is live!