1. Are you Squarespace?

No. But we do build awesome sites on Squarespace! If you have a Squarespace question they are the ones to ask. We’re only able to assist you on questions related to building a website with us.

2. How much does it cost?

We have two Squarespace Build packages priced at $750 or $1,500 USD. See which one suits your needs best here.

3. What’s included in your service packages?

We have two different package offerings, but each is based on a 5 page Squarespace website, including blog, contact and gallery page, fonts and a color palette selection, as long as a template that suits your business best!  Check out our packages at a glance here. Dive deep into scope of work here.

4. How do I know if your services are right for me?


  • A solo entrepreneur or a very small business

  • Committed to supplying all of your content prior to your project starting

  • Able to commit your attention to your project week and make decisions daily

  • Clear on what you want your site to look like and even have a few Squarespace templates that seem to match your vision and style

  • Excited about speed and affordability being your top priorities


  • A well-established company that needs a site larger than a handful pages

  • Looking to go through a complete discovery, design, and revision process

  • In need of details such as custom coding, interactive functionality, animations, or anything outside of what your Squarespace template offers

  • Uncertain or unprepared with regards to your website content

  • A person who needs a committee to order at dinner...or to sign-off on this project

5. When will you start the project?

All projects will begin the Monday following the day you purchase your package, and take a week process to complete. See our process here.


6. What do I need to provide?

You will need to provide us with a range of assets (from copy to imagery) and logins (domain to social media) before the project start date. Keep in mind, our affordable pricing relies on the efficacy of this process. After you purchase a package, a Nephew team member will be in contact with you and supply you with a checklist and Prep Pack for you to complete and submit before your project starts.

7. How do I pay? What’s your cancellation/refund policy?

Payment is via credit card through our website. After 24hrs we do not offer a refund or cancellation.
For more info regarding Payment, Cancellation/Refund Policy, your Obligation, Warranty, and Scope of Work, read our Terms and Conditions.

8. How long does it take?

Our build process is 1-week from start to finish. What if you need longer than one week? Our process runs 5 days and we achieve all that’s outlined as possible within that time frame. The more prepared you are, the more we can do. Make sure you have everything in order before starting.

9. Who will I work with?

One of our qualified Squarespace Specialist Nephew ‘family members’ based in Toronto!

10. Will you teach me how to use Squarespace?

Yes, we offer 1-on-1 by the hour training as an add-on to any project!

11. How do I know which setup package is right for me?

The Basic package is for the site you want up and ready like yesterday, without much communication, and you choose your template. The Premium package offers more opportunity for communication and design collaboration. We will present a design/layout with option for one revision, and an additional hour for live assistance. Compare the differences here and read Question 4, otherwise give us a shout!

12. Can you add e-commerce capabilities?

Not quite yet, but we are working on it soon!

13. I’m almost / halfway done my site. Can you take over and push it past the finish line?

Absolutely! Provide us with what you have, and as long as your site expectations are within our Package offerings, we can do the rest!