Cut The BS - Why Not Just Build Your Own Website?


Because you absolutely could. Squarespace templates exist. They’re easy to use AND easy on the eyes. But there are reasons website building agencies exist, besides just to write something cool in a LinkedIn profile.


1. Easy is not always that easy

Between YouTube videos, online tutorials, and How To Blogs, it’s never been easier to learn how to do something. Some people can’t think of anything better than spending an afternoon at the hardware store gathering supplies to install their u-bend, watching a zillion videos about plumbing, inevitably installing the u-bend upside down, flooding the bathroom, tearing the whole thing down and starting again. Oh, wait. No one likes that. Websites are the same. If you have the time and inclination to learn lots of new skills, make mistakes, start over, start over again, flood the house, then by all means - go ahead. If you’re more of a LSEDI (let someone else do it) type of person, agencies are ready and waiting. They’ll also train you to take care of your new u-bend, so the next time it makes that weird sound, you know exactly how to fix it instead of Googling ‘why is my toilet making that weird sound’ and crossing your fingers.


2. It saves you time, and time is money

Small/medium business owners wear one trillion hats, and are also the hardest workers in the room. Which means they don’t have a whole bunch of time on their hands, even to do something as simple as working with a template. That’s dragging, dropping, sourcing images, building SEO, writing copy, etc etc. Things which may seem small, but which take time when done all together, or for the first time, or without the skilled hands of a trained professional. 


3. The experience

Another analogy (no toilets this time): You could cook dinner in your kitchen, or you could go out. Both end up with you eating food, but the experiences are totally different. When you go out, you get to watch a talented chef do something magical with your food, you get an army of sous-chefs carefully plating and creating, you get to bask in the ambiance of a fancy dining room with classy wine glasses, and you get those little butters in the shape of a shell. No one’s shelling their home butter! And that’s what working with an agency is all about: the experience. Besides the practical, working with an agency means becoming part of a team, all working towards one goal: building you an amazing site that does exactly what you want it to do. You get peace of mind knowing you’re getting exactly what you want, plus the excitement of working with someone who is all in. If your business grows, so does theirs, so you know they’re invested. But it’s not just bottom line stuff. For an agency, building your website isn’t a daunting task or an overwhelming item lurking on the bottom of a to-do list. It’s talented, creative people doing what they love to do, and what they’re passionate about, and what they’re very, very good at. It’s hustle and heart and imagination and inspiration happening all around you - and you’re reaping all the benefits.


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