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Ridiculously affordable Squarespace websites in one week or less. Yup.


Say hello to Nephew :)

We believe every side hustler deserves a good website they can grow themselves.
We really do. 

Have a simple website that needs to go live yesterday? Don’t have a bazillion dollars to spend on a website right now? Too busy to setup your own Squarespace site? Not ready for a full design process?


Your new Squarespace website in one week.

Or less...


We love Squarespace.

We are Squarespace Specialists, Circle Members, Authorized Trainers, and all-around gurus. Our project process seamlessly combines your business knowledge with our expertise and produces some really spanky results quickly and painlessly.

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Squarespace Circle member Nephew
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How does this all work?


Nephew makes it so easy.

Nephew Squarespace Website Setup - Step 1

Schedule and pay.

Simply book your project start date and pay your project fee and we will get the process moving. We'll coordinate everything with you and ask any questions prior to your project starting to make sure we start off on the right track.

Nephew Squarespace Website Setup - Step 2

Prep and share.

Supply us with all of your materials (text, graphics, photos, logo) using our Project Prep Pak. Fill out our quick project survey to help us determine your needs, goals, design preferences, and desired Squarespace template.

Nephew Squarespace Website Setup - Step 3

Build and review.

In just one week, we'll snap together your new Squarespace website with everything we’ve been provided and our creative magic. Watch our screen as we refine your website together on a video conference call. 

Nephew Squarespace Website Setup - Step 4

Launch and go.

At the end of your project week, we'll do some light testing, give you basic maintenance training (if you want), and launch your spanky new website on your domain. Time to fly, little bird. The world (wide web) is waiting.



Our Squarespace setup packages are designed to help you get a Squarespace site launched in one week.  


Basic Setup.

from $750

A great place to start...

  • Website done in one week
  • 5 Squarespace pages or a single long-scroll site with up to 5 sections (add more pages for an upcharge)
  • You pick the Squarespace template
  • Customizing your fonts and color palette so your site is unique and on brand
  • Blog, contact form, and gallery setup
  • A 35-point settings and tech review, including domain mapping, adding meta information, regional settings, social sharing images, and more
  • Basic on-site SEO, including submitting your site to Google
  • 1-hour live website fixes and edits with your Nephew
  • Professional and beautiful website that looks great on screens and mobile devices, ("responsive") and review from our team of Squarespace Specialists

Get this started for me!

Premium Setup.

from $1500

Everything in Basic Setup, plus...

  • Template selection by your Nephew based on provided content
  • 1 custom design suggestion and 1 round of design revisions
  • 30-minute design call with your Nephew (to go over the proposed design suggestions, provide your feedback, and discuss the final design direction for your website)
  • Social media accounts connected
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Domain purchasing and setup* (cost of domain is extra)
  • 2-hour live website fixes and edits with your Nephew
  • 20% off Squarespace hosting fees for your first year!
  • 1-hour of FREE Nephew help for edits, advice, tweaks, etc. (to be used within 6 months; $100 value)

*Through Squarespace or one of the Squarespace-supported domain providers only.

This is more my speed!

1-on-1 Training—Upgrade.



We will walk you through a comprehensive 1-hour Squarespace training and Q&A session and provide you with a recorded copy of the training session for your reference in the future.

Help and advice.

$100 /hr


Get hourly help, advice, edits, or just some really good knock-knock jokes.

Book your time here

*billed in 30-minute blocks

Are we right for you?


Nephew isn’t a custom website design shop.

We're the alternative for people looking for a ridiculously affordable Squarespace website done well and done fast.


You’re likely a good fit if you are:

  • A solo entrepreneur or looking to build a side hustle

  • Excited about speed and affordability being your top priorities

  • Committed to supplying all of your content prior to your project starting

  • Able to commit your attention to your project week and make decisions daily

  • Clear on what you want your site to look like and even have a few Squarespace templates that seem to match your vision and style

You’re likely NOT a good fit if you are:

  • An established company that needs a site larger than a handful pages

  • Looking to go through a complete discovery, design, and revision process

  • In need of details such as custom coding, interactive functionality, animations, or anything outside of what a Squarespace template offers

  • Uncertain or unprepared with regards to your website content

  • A person who needs a committee to order at dinner...or to sign-off on this project


How good can a website be in just one week?

We’re glad you asked!


Feast your eyes on some work for our happy clients.


(your site could be on here one day!)


Get your project started in 4 easy steps. You know you wanna!